everyone is beautiful

My new book, Everyone Is Beautiful, comes out February 17, 2009.  


Here’s the flap copy:

From the author of The Bright Side of Disaster, the entertaining and ultimately poignant story of what happens after happily ever after: how a mother of three recaptures her sense of self and falls in love with her husband all over again. 

Everyone is Beautiful
A Novel
Katherine Center 

Lanie Coates just piled everything she owns into a U-Haul and drove with her husband, Peter, and three boys (all under four) across the country. She’s left her helpful parents, her mom-friends, and the comforts of home behind—all because Peter got into graduate school. Even though Lanie wants to help him follow his dreams, she suspects that she’s ignoring her own. If only she could remember what they were. 

And that’s just it. Lanie can’t shake the feeling that important things from her pre-mom life have gone missing: her marriage, her ambitions, her body. She feels homesick, capsized by motherhood, and just dead certain that she is no longer fabulous. Not even close. 

When another mom humiliates her at the park, Lanie decides it’s time to retool her life. She sets change after change in motion, hoping to recapture her lost self. But she also creates ripples that will come to threaten everything she holds dear. In the end, Lanie must figure out once and for all how to find herself without losing everything else in the process.

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  1. I can’t wait! I read Bright Side in two days and have been yearning for more ever since! I am going to see if I can pre-order my copy now!!!

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