the new author photo

I always find myself flipping back the the author photos on the jackets of books I’m reading, just curious about the authors and trying to get to know them a little by studying their faces.  And if I’m reading a second book by an author I’ve read before, I’m always bummed when they re-use the same author photo.  I’m like: New book?  New photo!  Right?

So, I went ahead and got a new one.  For the new book.  Which comes out in February.  And which you can pre-order on amazon right this very minute.

_mg_2839And, voila!  Here I am.  Wearing a scarf I gave my sister for her birthday and then borrowed back (I literally detoured past her house on the drive to the photographer and she came out in her bathrobe and handed it through the window) and a necklace I got at Whole Foods (Jewelry? At the grocery store? Awesome!)–and sporting the semi-recent haircut that took off 11 inches and left my high school self behind forever.  Yup.  C’est moi.

I gave the scarf back, though.  I thought about “misplacing” it.  But, in the end, I did the right thing.

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