great review for Bright Side at Planet Mom!

planetmomandcrew2008Melinda over at Planet Mom has just posted a glowing review of Bright Side! (And added it to Kirtsy!)  She worries that she waited too long after getting her book to post about it, but I say it’s never too late for a great review.  

Here’s what Planet Mom has to say: “It is a positively scrumptious read, in every palpable, plausible and profoundly irresistible sense of the word.”

She also writes: “At the risk of sounding completely cliché, I felt as though I knew the fictional people that Center created. I could hear them saying whatever it was they said. I could imagine them doing the sorts of things she had them doing and by all accounts, the trip to Breastfeeding Hell she so vividly described made my toes curl. By the same token, her portrayal of the warm and wonderful kisses her knight-in-shining-armor so passionately planted made me melt. Okay, I was a puddle upon the floor. A veritable pile of mush incapable of rational thought.”

“Confession: I read Bright Side two sinfully indulgent times. Okay three. It was that good.”

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