our friend Mike

Mike Putnam is a friend of my sweet husband’s from college.  When I hear about Mike from back in the day, it’s usually stories about diving off trestle bridges and other crazy things college boys do.   So how amazed was I to find out that he is, in addition to being a veterinarian and former college boy, an amazing nature photographer.






He is not kidding around with these photos.  

And here’s Mike himself and his amazing camera.  Go, Mike, go!



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2 responses to “our friend Mike

  1. Oh. My. Breathtaking! That top photo, especially, is stellar.

    P.S. I finally saw your e-mail and just replied to it… 🙂

  2. Katherine,

    Thanks for the note on my blog – I’m so excited about your new book!! And I’ll be at Legacy Books in Dallas – can’t wait to meet you and get your new book!

    Thanks for reading my blog – keep on enjoying it! Happy New Year!
    🙂 Martha

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