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Kristjana, at the the Mommy Blog, just posted the sweetest blog entry about Everyone Is Beautiful.  After writing about how she’s not posting as much since her new baby (look at that handome face!) came last summer, she said this:

Fortunately, inspiration comes in unlikely packages.  Though I have begged off the most recent slew of requests to review products and websites, when I got a note to review Katherine Center’s next book, pre-publication, I jumped on it.  I reviewed her first book on this website last spring and absolutely loved it.  When her newest work arrived in the mail, I let it sit unopened on my dining room table for well over a week for the simple reason that I knew that once I picked it up, I would want to read it all the way through without stopping.  Last night I braved a peek inside the cover and BOOM.  Here I sit 24 hours later a richer woman.

The great review she did for Bright Side said reading it was like “getting a phone call from your best friend,” which I thought was lovely–and very high praise.  She describes Everyone Is Beautiful in this very sweet way:

The book is all about a mother drowning in motherhood and her decision to do something to get (at least a piece of) her old self back.  Ah.  Sing to me, fair authoress.

Three cheers for even READING a book with a toddler and a new baby in the house.  Very impressive!


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  1. Yay! I love the way blogs make the world a little smaller, a little stronger.

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