keep calm & carry on















I love this poster, which was originally printed–though not really used–in Britain as a morale booster during WWII.  (Here is the story of the poster.)  Since its rediscovery many years after the end of the war, facsimiles of the poster have been selling like hotcakes, and if you browse design websites, which I do, you’ll see them everywhere, in all sorts of great colors:







But here’s an artist selling posters on Etsy that are inspired by the simple graphics and gorgeous text on these original posters. 





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6 responses to “keep calm & carry on

  1. I love them too. Have you see this one?

    K x

  2. i have “keep calm” hanging in my entry way. i love it. i need it.

  3. I read another blog yesterday (not sure whose) who said this poster was her best xmas gift.

  4. I love my red Keep Calm poster! It’s hanging at the very top of the back staircase into our kitchen so that I can see it every single time I go down it. Which is a lot.

  5. I think I am going to make ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ my new mantra! Especially after the morning I have just had….

  6. Kathleen Rohner

    when you realize you needed this sign today, and the day before, you better get one and hang it close by ~ thanks for sharing it

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