I am eating in this restaurant if I have to build a time machine


–and I’ll actually have to.  Because it’s long demolished.  But I’d give anything for a cup of coffee and a slice of diner cake at Emil’s Steer Inn Drive Inn.  

Or the Frost Diner:


Or the Mark Twain Cafe & Bar:


Or the Glass House:



Or many other of the awesome dining establishments listed on James Lileks‘ website that features, among other things, restaurants from the days before the chains.


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4 responses to “I am eating in this restaurant if I have to build a time machine

  1. Katherine – you are inspiring on so many levels. Hearing your story about the long road to getting your awesome first book published inspired me to keep on going with my bi-lingual Housekeeper Cards idea to bring it to market. Now, you’re speaking at the Mom 2.0 Summit, the Children’s Museum and launching your new book. I’m IMPRESSED! Any advice for launching my blog?! Our bookclub is signed on for reading your new book in March. Can’t wait! –Frances

  2. Those look amazing! I have dreams of eating at the Automat in New York City…

  3. Oh god, Alexis, the Automat! Now I’m sad…

    Have you read Patricia Volk’s amazing memoir, Stuffed, Katherine? I’m rereading it at the moment and it makes me incredibly nostalgic… for New York in the fifties!

  4. I have read it! And I loved it.

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