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gabmargin2I was so star-struck today to see Everyone Is Beautiful featured on Design Mom.  Gabrielle Blair is not only completely beautiful and exceptionally cool, she’s also unbelievably nice.  And kind of a superhero.  She’s a designer, a mom, a famous blogger (her blog is huge–and for good reason, because everything about it is deliciously swanky), and also a Kirtsy founder.  Which is about as awesome as it gets.  

Gabrielle says she was excited to receive the review copy from Random House, and she “absolutely plowed through it.”  Then she says of the main character “you know you’d want her for a bff.”  Here are Gabrielle’s lovely photos:



Gabrielle will be speaking at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston in February.  Go, Gabrielle, go!

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  1. jennifer

    The story from your book that DM shared cracked me up. I got the, “When are you due?” question a few times after C was born and I always retorted, “Oh, I’m not pregnant — I’m still fat from the last pregnancy.” I always knew DM had great taste, but her lovely post about you proves it.

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