I really, really want to live here


And it’s for sale!  And I kind of feel like if you love a house enough, and are pure of heart, it ought to just magically become yours.  


It actually belongs to some acquaintances of mine, and it is even fabulous-er in person.  The plaster walls, the archways, the old barn wood on the floors.  Last time I was there, I thought about just chaining myself to the stairway.


Or maybe I should just steal that chair made out of suitcases.


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5 responses to “I really, really want to live here

  1. It does look nice and light. I hope it magically becomes yours. Soon.

  2. You had me at “old barn wood on the floors”. Gorgeous.

  3. Veronique

    I am going to have to go and look it up on Har.com. Ahhhh house porn!!!!

  4. Valerie

    That kitchen is amazing! Good luck with the magically becoming yours and let me know if it really works!!

    And let me know if the time machine thing works out too, because I’d LOVE to go to those diners with you! Sometimes I think I was totally born in the wrong decade!

  5. Love this house and I am now googling “suitcase chair.” Loved your talks at Mom2.0 this week. We linked you on our site today.

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