is it Valentine’s day yet?

‘Cause I am ready to post this image from my e-friend Mary’s awesome blog, It’s Pretty Good.  


She takes amazing photos of the beautiful things in her life and then puts the text of the entry right on top! I love the way she sees beauty all around her.

In a stack of teacups:


A worn old doorknob:


A frozen puddle on the ground:


A bouquet of tulips:


Mary is also a Kirtsy editor.  And she has a site called It’s Mary Ruffle, where she collects the beautiful images she stumbles across online.  She’s like a fountain of loveliness.


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4 responses to “is it Valentine’s day yet?

  1. The doorknob is beautiful.

  2. I heart you. So much!!

  3. Amy

    Cupcakes, old doors and tulips. Those are three of my most favorite things. Beautiful photos – thank you for sharing!

  4. amy

    yes- I love her so much. She is as sweet as her site too.

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