fantastic review from a college professor!

ascensionAn Ohio college professor just gave Everyone Is Beautiful a great review on her blog, calling it a “feel-good book for oldyweds.”

The review starts out this way:

“I need a feel-good book in February, and this one did the job starting with the title: Everyone Is Beautiful. As a bonus, the cover has a picture of an iced chocolate cupcake. The author, Katherine Center, has apparently been getting attention from the mommyblogs, but she deserves some from book bloggers, too, before the novel comes out on Feb. 17, because not only is the description of dealing with small children realistic, but the novel is well-written and wry and it earns its title and its ending, much like you have to earn the benefits of a long-lasting marriage.”


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2 responses to “fantastic review from a college professor!

  1. Hooray for you!! I am SO excited to read this book!! Amazon, hurry up and ship it!

  2. Shelley Stein

    i just bought 6 books!

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