reading tonight at Brazos Bookstore in H-town!

Remember last week when I went to Borders and got yelled-at for taking a photo of my book on display??

I posted about it on Facebook.  And within about five minutes, Sally, who works at Brazos and is a Facebook buddy of mine, wrote to let me know that I should have come to Brazos.  Where I could’ve taken all the pictures I liked.

So I went to Brazos to take pictures.


And guess what?  There was my book!  Out on display!

I love all bookstores.  I even still love Borders.  (Red is my favorite color, after all.)  I love the smell of the new books.  I love the buzz that comes from being surrounded by them.  I love the sense of possibility that comes from having all those thoughts and adventures and poems in one place.  I even just like the shopping.

But I don’t go to bookstores now, as a mama, as often as I used to.  Because my kids can empty a shelf of books faster than you can say, “Don’t touch those!”

I’m always struck, when I get to go to Brazos, at how beautiful it is in there.  The books are beautiful, and so are the antiques everywhere, and that great rug.  And the lighting.  

And plus, it’s not covered in toys.  And, for me, that’s always a shock and a delight.


I’m reading tonight at Brazos at 7 pm.  If you’re in Houston, come by!  No toys anywhere–I promise!


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4 responses to “reading tonight at Brazos Bookstore in H-town!

  1. Sarah

    You were most impressive tonight. Best of luck with this and the following book. I will be promoting this book to all my friends around the country. I know that the Braeswood Place Mom’s Group will be reading it.

  2. Jaime

    What an amazingly fun night at the book reading at Brazos last night. You were both graceful and captivating. My husband and his brother had a great time too. Thank you so much for helping to make my birthday perfect.

  3. Thanks for the shout out…who doesn’t like to see their name in print?
    It was a great reading Thursday night. Great crowd, and you, of course, were delightful as usual. 2 readings at Brazos, 2 hits. 2 for 2. Excellent!

  4. Shelley Stein

    Brazos is the best. We had a good time there today (Yazzie -age 3 – and I), and she insisted on taking the unpurchased book she was ‘reading’ with her to the potty.

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