first week roundup!


Emails and responses are starting to roll in for Everyone Is Beautiful, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the things people are saying:

I just read Everyone Is Beautiful and it was such pure joy!  I was so tired and ready for a nap but picked it up to read a chapter or two and ended up finishing that night.  I could not put it down!  


I found myself laughing out loud just as I did in the first book and “noodle” has become new terminology in my household.


I just today finished reading it and I loved it !!!


I hear your book is taking off in big ways – one of my nearest & dearest cried in the first 12 pages. That’s…a good sign! 

Gwen Bell

I already finished Beautiful and loved it!!!!  You capture the life of a stay-at-home Mom so eloquently and again, I loved the characters and was rooting for Lanie!


Loved everyone is beautiful!  What a lovely, nitty-gritty, poignant, hilarious description of the madness family life can be–with a lovely love story to boot!


Your book makes my life feel important.




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2 responses to “first week roundup!

  1. Michelle Bunch

    Just finished everyone is beautiful and, as i say to my boys all the time when they do something really wonderful and surprising, (like flush the toilet on their own accord), “THAT WAS AWESOMEMUNDO!!!” I Loved it! Can’t wait for the third!

  2. Deb

    I just finished it and want my daughter , who is a stay at home mom of two little boys, to read it.
    I haven’t been in thiose shoes for many years but Katherine, you brought it all back to me. The love of it and the wanting to escape! I remember have a baby “on the boob” and wanting my body to myself again. Always having someone hands on you!
    It was a joy!
    Can’t wait for your next book!

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