what does beautiful look like to you?

Over at the amazing photography site Shutter Sisters, there’s a project going on.  It’s called the One Word Project.  Every month, they choose a new word and then folks post photos of their interpretations of that word.

This month, to celebrate the release of Everyone Is Beautiful, the One Word is “Beautiful.”  And Ballantine Books is giving away four Diana cameras over the course of the month–every Sunday.

I want to say, “It’s going to be incredible.” But guess what?  It already is!

Tracey Clark, who put this whole thing together, posted about it on Sunday to the Shutter Sisters community.  She wrote, “The book is awesome; perfectly written, insightful, hilarious and cut-to-the-heart tender,” and then she encouraged everyone to “muse on beauty, grab your cameras and see what kind of beautiful you can find through your lens.”  Now, already, there are over 300 photos up in the Flickr pool.  

I went to choose five of the photos that are already up to celebrate here, but there were so many great photos, I had trouble choosing.  So I just upped it to 10.  Which still isn’t enough.  

But here’s a sampling of what those amazing photographers can do with that one beautiful word:












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10 responses to “what does beautiful look like to you?

  1. Meg

    I have been so blown away by all of the photos that have been circulating the pool. Everyday I look forward to peeking in to see what new forms of “beautiful” have been posted.

    I am so grateful that I am able to contribute my little pieces of beautiful to the pool, and I am incredibly flattered that you have featured my shot on your blog!

    I can’t wait to see what is in store for us the rest of the month!


  2. deborah

    I think you are beautiful!

  3. dianeschuller

    I too have been in awe at the beauty in each photo contributed. How wonderful that you chose to feature a few here.

    Each day I look to see what new images have been added and today I finally submitted my first one as well.


  4. I love how supportive you are.

    And I have to say, Shutter Sisters is my absolute FAVE photo community. So talented, so giving, so inspiring!

  5. DawnS

    Katherine…thanks for making my day! I am just tickled pink to have one of my photos included on your blog. There are so many amazing photographers over at Shutter Sisters that inspire me to see the beauty in everyday life.

  6. Love the images you have chosen here, and what a great challenge. Thanks for your comment over in the Flickr pool. Made my day 🙂
    Bright Side of Disaster was wonderful. Can’t wait to read the next.

  7. stirstudios

    They are all gorgeous. What a great project. Sounds like a great book, too! I look forward to reading it.


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  9. This is a beautiful post full of amazing images!

  10. DawnS

    Hi Katherine~ I “follow” you on twitter and just watched the YouTube video…it was, well, beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing it!

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