swell food for salty dogs

I am visiting one of my best friends from college here on my book tour.  She’s lives up north of Seattle in a charming and picturesque town called Anacortes.  She runs her own restaurant, and has been running it for several years, but I’ve been home with my little kids–and I’ve never seen it until now.  


The place is beautiful and the food is even better.  She makes a crabcake that will bring tears to your eyes, and she serves breakfast until 4 pm every day.  Cottage cheese pancakes!  Mashed potato  croquettes!  She is a foodie in the best sense of the word–she’s all about pleasure and comfort and yummy things brought together in new and yet soothing ways.  Her menu has quotes from Julia Child and Lewis Carroll.  And the place is full of  maps and art and books.  










It’s kind of paradise.


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4 responses to “swell food for salty dogs

  1. I’m so happy you took pictures!! Where do I begin?! This is SO my kind of place. I love everything about it and, I swear to you, my stomach just growled. 🙂

  2. Justin

    Eating great food while surrounded by books…This is my dream place! Makes me want to jump on a plane right now!!!

  3. deborah

    I loved Nicole’s first restaurant. Wish I could be there to see and eat at this new one. Maybe someday.

  4. Nicole

    You make it look so beautiful Katherine!!!
    Can’t wait till you come back with the family – sounds like you better bring Mama too! xo

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