the BEAUTIFUL commemorative cupcake!

My friend Nicole, a phenomenal chef, invented these sweet cupcakes to bring to the reading at Watermark Books in Anacortes, WA.  Here they are, coming into existence.  First, the cupcakes–hot outta the oven:


The homemade caramel filling:


The homemade caramel filling IN the cupcakes!


The homemade whipped-cream icing:



And the sprinkles:



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5 responses to “the BEAUTIFUL commemorative cupcake!

  1. Sweet Jeebus! Mother Of Mercy!

    Just had an eyegasm. Oy.

  2. Matt

    YUM! Hope the tour is going well.

  3. Oh my goodness. Those are the most delicious looking cupcakes ever. Bring one to NC, please? Or share the recipe!

  4. deborah

    or at least bring the recipe back to Texas!

  5. Shelley Stein

    when are we making these?

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