something lovely


I keep thinking about the way my friend Nicole’s landlord has decorated the little garden house out back with a collection of plates.  I can’t get over the way it’s just this little unexpected lovely thing in the yard.  

I just saw the amazing Amy Krouse Rosenthal in Houston this week doing her Beckoning of Lovely project (and I’m reading her unbelievably fantastic Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life) and I’m resolved to keep my eyes open for loveliness.  

If I can remember to.


There should definitely be more plates on buildings.


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7 responses to “something lovely

  1. Holy fricking moly. This is amazing! I’m Kirtsy-ing now!!

  2. That is so cool! I wonder how they stay on the wall. Must be some awesome glue. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Justin

    I was just thinking the same exact thing…that IS so cool…and how in the world do they not only stick to the wall but manage not to break???? AMAZING!

    PS Speaking of amazing…I just finished reading “The Bright Side of Disaster,” and I LOVED IT! I was so sad that it ended! Actually, I was surprised when it did cause there was so many pages after it (with the acknowledgements, read-along ideas, etc.) I was thinking there was at least two more chapters. UGH! Any chance of a follow-up???

  4. I love Amy Krouse Rosenthal! She joined our book club via phone after we read Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. Every time I watch the Beckoning of Lovely video, I am completely overwhelmed with joy and tears. How was the event in Houston? I am so sorry I missed it!

  5. The Beckoning of Lovely video brought me to tears, as well. Why is that? The Houston event was super-fun. And she’s amazing!

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