my iMovie debut!

Just got a Flip video camera, and this video documents the first time I ever used it!  This is me, after a reading, pretty late at night, at my desk.  I’d intended to read an entire chapter–the chapter I’d read just a few hours earlier at a lovely and breezy Inprint Houston event, but the phone rang halfway through.  And it turns out it’s plenty long as it is.  Note the suitcase in the background–still out from my last book tour trip two weeks ago!  My voice is pretty hoarse, too.  I’ve had many book events lately and done a whole heck of a lot of talking.


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8 responses to “my iMovie debut!

  1. detes

    What fun to see and hear you reading your own work. ! loved it.

  2. amy

    yr so pretty. Loved this.

  3. Lisa

    What an absolutely lovely gift. Thank you!

  4. Carol

    So glad you posted this! You read your work so engagingly! More, please!

  5. I just finished the book! I read it over the weekend and couldn’t put it down. I finished it in the middle of the night, during a bought of pregnancy insomnia. I’m carrying boy #2… and I have a feeling Lanie gave me some valuable insights into what I’m in for! Lanie’s story spoke to me in so many ways. I cried through the last page. Your book is Beautiful!

    I would like to share the trailer on my own blog and Facebook. Mind if I give your book a little review?

    Thanks for the inspiration! And congrats.


    ps- I’m obsessed with my Flip.

  6. Oh my, Mrs. Gorgeous. I loved this!

  7. Linsey

    I’m dying to hear you read the end of that chapter (seagrass rug and white bedding incident). That page of your book just killed me!!! Read on, girlfriend!

  8. Brought me back memories of reading this book. Wonderful, Katherine. Just great.

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