totally crushed-out on this travel trailer


I can’t stop thinking about it.  I can’t stop oggling the photos of it on Craigslist.  

Apparently, the inside is “gutted.”  And so I keep thinking I could put in some great floor, and a little dinette table, and a couple of mattresses.  And make fantastic curtains out of some great Amy Butler fabric.  

We go up to New York every summer to visit my husband’s folks.  And this is how I want to travel there this year:  with my two kids and their daddy and a week’s supply of PB&J in an adorable, retro travel-trailer with homemade curtains!

But it’s not cheap.  It’s cheap for a trailer, but it’s not pocket change.  And since it’s hard for me to even get the dishes done, I’m not sure when, exactly, I would re-panel the walls or make homemade curtains.  (Though I do have a knack for making curtains!)  Most likely, it would sit untended-to in the driveway for years and years and eventually get sold, again, on Craigslist looking just about how it does now.

But I still can’t shake the idea of it.  And I have this habit of seeing things for how they could be instead of how they are.   

I’ll probably never have this trailer in real life. But I’ll definitely put it in a book.


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9 responses to “totally crushed-out on this travel trailer

  1. I share the fantasy, having grown up on British children’s adventures in which everyone goes off “caravan-ing” for the holidays. My sister bought a vintage pop-up camper and put her own sweet decorative touches on it before they upgraded to a newer model. I suffered camper-envy both times.

  2. I cannot wait to read that book.

  3. If you come to NY every summer, any chance you can stop in Brooklyn to visit? Can hardly wait to partake of your goodness in person…

  4. Yeah, you really need to get this…

  5. Mary Harper

    Great fantasy, but I hope that you don’t leave it parked in your driveway!

  6. This is seriously a fabulous subject for a novel. What a cool find. Maybe you could just go see it…tour the inside… You know… just for research purposes, of course. 🙂

  7. Your Loving and Adoring Husband

    Dear Beautiful,

    A wonderful fantasy, and a very cool idea. In your fantasy do you see our son sneaking out at night to “fix it” with his own tools.

    I love you the most.

  8. My dream is to travel the country when I’m old and gray in an RV…betcha didn’t know that!

  9. amy

    I love this. The book I am writing has one in it. It came from my youth and a real woman who lived in one. They are possibly my fave thing. I keep telling the Kirtsy gals that we need one and a sponsor to send us all around the country and teach people how to write love letters again. xo

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