a little excerpt from Bright Side

Happy Mothers’ Day!  Here’s a video I made with an excerpt from Bright Side!


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7 responses to “a little excerpt from Bright Side

  1. Love the video — love the book even more! Get busy writing a new one, will ya? Hugs! Kim

  2. detes

    Nice to be reminded about that wonderful book.

  3. love this! especially the “when i said a plane crash . . .” i’ll never forget you reading the first chapter at brazos. it was love at first listen.

  4. What a great little reminder of that book…I may just have to re-read it again.

  5. Katherine,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I adored Everyone is Beautiful . It even inspired me to book a cruise with my husband and further inspired me on my recent quest to come up from diapers and carpool for air and start my novel. Many thanks for the personal connection.


  6. “I meant… the end of the life I thought I was going to have.” Those words made my heart catch. I can’t wait to read this one!

  7. Wonderful video about a fabulous book. I loved Jenny…she was (is!) so real…how she handled everything that happened as it happened…just as you or I would. I felt myself getting frustrated with her at times…just as I might have done with a friend in real life.

    And you’ve captured life perfectly in those words…”I meant the end of the life I thought I was going to have.” That happens to all of us in some way, shape or form as we go through this mystery we call life.

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