what better day than Saturday for the inaugural Writing Wednesday?

At the suggestion of my amazing friend Brené, I’m starting a weekly series here on the blog about writing.  She even came up with the title: Writing Wednesday.  

Of course, I’m doing the first Writing Wednesday post on Saturday.  Cause that’s how I roll.  

And Brené’s original suggestion was to write a post about writing.  But my list of things I’m just salivating to write is pages and pages long, and I’m nervous if I add another writing project it might get lost in the pile.  In theory, at least, these videos will be quick and spontaneous and fun.  Not things to labor over, but chatty and conversational. 

The idea is to do quick videos about some aspect of the craft of writing every week.  Just for fun.  I have a gazillion things I can talk about, but I’m also taking questions.  So tell your IRL friends and your e-friends, too!  Sign up for the RSS feed and follow me on Twitter!  Send me your questions about writing, and I’ll do my best to answer.  And then we’ll take over the world.

Here’s the first video:

Many thanks to Neva Rae Schoof for the lovely piano in the video!


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14 responses to “what better day than Saturday for the inaugural Writing Wednesday?

  1. Love this idea! I can’t wait to hear all of the helpful/humorous things you’ll say. I finished The Bright Side… last night and what a delight!

  2. This is a great idea of Brene’s and I’m glad that you decided to follow the suggestion, whether it’s Wednesday or not! I look forward to the videos and the questions/answers…who knows I might even have a few of my own to ask!

  3. I do have a question! How do you know where to “start”? You know you want to write but have no idea where to begin…what do you do to get moving?

  4. You make me smile. This is awesome.

  5. Looking forward to these! Love that you are loose about which day, even though calling it Writing Wednesday – makes me smile! Also- the milk story in the first video – haha – I can totally relate to that!!

  6. Writing prompts …
    What writing prompts do you use to awaken the muse?

    I always have trouble with what to write about … I meander all over the place and seem to have no point.


  7. Jaime

    Question…..From reading your blog for a short time, I have noticed that it seems like writers-particularly you-have a flood of ideas and thoughts to write about. How don’t you get lost in all of those ideas? How do you keep it under control and focus?

  8. Deb

    Hi! Love your books!

    I am a poet who has recently made attempts to write essays and memoir. I do great at first, then get bogged down and stop. My writer friends say “keep writing even if you think it’s crap” but it is so hard, actually painful, even though I want to write. Does this make sense at all?

  9. My first time at your blog, but certainly not my last. I’ll look for your Wednesday posts on whatever day you create them. And that video of yours, The Lives We Hoped For? Exquisite. Simply, utterly, exquisite.

  10. I am so glad you liked my review of your book. I am also thrilled that you left a comment, because it allowed me to find your fabulous blog. I’m going to become a regular.

  11. Kimberley

    what a fabby idea, count me in……..

  12. I’m thrilled you’re doing this!

  13. Yeah for you! Thank you for your generosity. I am looking forward to more!

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