here’s where we’ve been on vacation:

This photo says a lot.


But I’ll add these words, as well:


Wildflower garden.


Yacht club.


Farmers’ market.


Alpaca farm (with chickens!).

Also:  75 degree weather.  Gorges, and streams, and a lake.  Grandparents.

And this, too:  Lucky, lucky, lucky.


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5 responses to “here’s where we’ve been on vacation:

  1. Carol

    Awesome! Can we join you next time?

  2. Me too! I wanna come!

  3. That looks like a quaint little place in England (the grounds). A vacation… what’s that? 🙂

    – Julie

  4. Wait… don’t forget me, I’m coming too! 🙂
    Great Photos!

  5. So fun! Great pics!

    We leave for Ireland this weekend. WEEEEEE!

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