life on the D-list



Just got a message from my publicist at Random House that there’s a section of Kathy Griffin’s Bravo show My Life on the D-List that has my book cover in it!  She has a book coming out with Random House, and she filmed a segment of the show at their offices.  And right behind her, on the shelf, is my book.  I wanted to post the segment here, but it got too confusing.  So here’s a LINK!


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5 responses to “life on the D-list

  1. Sophia

    Seems like the title of the show should be A-List Novels. It looked like she wanted to pick up your book and read it. That was great TV.

  2. Wow! I bet you never thought people would see your book while listening to talk of STDs right? Hahaha! It was awesome. Congratulations.

  3. See? It was the cupcake! It draws you in, and then you know you’ve gotta read the book (worked for me)! Congrats on the Bravo exposure!

    – Julie

  4. Awww there it is! Very very Cool! For sure an A lister! 🙂 – Kim

  5. txmomof3

    You HAVE to tell Tracy P. about this. She is obsessed with Kathy G. and will find this simply the greatest news ever.

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