my sister’s birthday

My big sister is about to have an important birthday–and to honor it, and her, my mom and dad and I went through our old family photos to make a little video retrospective.  

This photo, in particular, is knocking my socks off.  I’d never seen it until my mom gave it to me for the project.  sc0025e8ad01

The video uses the song La Vie En Rose performed by Sophie Milman.  It’s a gorgeous rendition!  Go buy it on iTunes!


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8 responses to “my sister’s birthday

  1. Shelley Stein

    Many, many thanks for this awesome tribute! Thanks, too, for generally skipping the awkward years – from about 12 to about 15!

  2. Monica Weber

    Many Many Happy Wishes on your 40th.
    Monica & Michael Weber

  3. Carol

    I love this video so much — now I feel like I’ve known Shelley her whole life!

    And gee, you all have a strong family resemblance thing going from generation to generation, don’t you?

    Happy Birthday to Shelley!

  4. epa

    Love it! I love the way you do videos, scrolling up the photos — so elegant and emotionalsomehow. You are so creative!

  5. Jeni

    That was beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. What a beautiful way to celebrate your Sister! Happy Belated Birthday Shelley!!

  7. How lovely. Maybe it’s because I grew up with 2 sisters in the same time, with the same aqua dangle earrings, but this is so touching to me. I love that about art: the more specific and personal it is, the more it is universal. Thanks so much for sharing.

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