where have i been?

I try not to forget to count my blessings.  And one of them–two years in a row, now–has been getting to go out to the Texas Hill Country  to stay in the gorgeous country house of one of my mom’s dear friends.  IMG_2890

I got to go last year when I was finishing up my third novel, and spent almost a week there writing a good 1/3 of the book in a total and delightful fiction frenzy.


It’s just so unbelievably charming there. And whimsical.  And tidy.  And scenic.  And friendly.  And everywhere you look, there’s something beautiful.








I got up in the morning, made coffee, and wrote.  It was about as good as it gets.  


I wouldn’t trade my real life for anything.  But a little writing vacation once in a while is pretty great, too.


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12 responses to “where have i been?

  1. seems like a beautiful fun place…where is this?

  2. That house? That house is my goal house.

    Glad you found some peace, friend. Can’t wait to see you this week.

  3. does your mom’s friend adopt stray writers? what a haven! I’m inspired.

  4. You have no idea how envious I am. And very happy you have this refuge.

  5. Monica Cole

    I can see why it’s a writing haven. It’s absolutely beautiful and looks so relaxing.

  6. hillary

    Hope you got in some fab writing … and peace. Now I know Where You Have Been … I need a K-Fix!

  7. Carol

    Next time, can I carry your pencils and go too?

    What a great spot!

  8. detes

    What a perfect retreat.

  9. txmomof3

    Aaack. Trying.to.be.happy.for.you. Though I’m so envious.
    Oh I’m kidding, of course I’m thrilled for you and you deserve it all and more. No wonder your words are SO lovely, being written in scenes like that.

  10. I’m so happy for you that you got to get away and write…so important for a busy mom.
    You should check out Wellspring House (www.wellspringhouse.net) in Mass…it’s amazing!!!! 🙂

  11. What a perfect escape!

  12. What a LOVELY place to escape and to be inspired. I’m glad that you get to keep returning there!

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