advance readers’ edition

The AREs for Get Lucky are all printed up–and just arrived in the mail at my house.  It’s still a 6-month wait for the actual book, but it’s always a thrill to see the AREs.  It’s amazing how different the words look on the pages of the book.  The new layout seems to change the rhythm and the sound of the language. I’ve been so used to 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of white paper–double-spaced in Times New Roman.  And then suddenly, pages are different:  the font’s different, the spacing’s different, the line breaks and page breaks and margins are different.  It’s thrilling, and discombobulating.  And for a while, until I get used to it, the sentences look funny all rearranged–and sound wrong in my head.  But then I get used to the new shape of the story on the page, and the new shape starts to feel more and more right until, after a while, it’s like this is what the words were waiting for all along.



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20 responses to “advance readers’ edition

  1. Anj

    Beautiful post…the book looks stunning – think I’ll make sure someone buys it for me as a 37th birthday gift next April 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful – can’t wait! Congratulations!

  3. Oh boy! What a thrill!! You must feel so excited & proud 🙂 I can NOT wait to get my hands on this new novel. You’re a rockstar!

  4. Reading this is so exciting. Congratulations. The thrill must be addicting!

  5. Melissa Donnelly Villegas

    you are an inspiration to all of us “up and coming” writers. Great job!

  6. Congrats! But why is a book with such a lovely, summery cover not coming out until winter? Oh…they are counting on people like me that will be sick of snow by then to see that and say “Oh my goodness, I absolutely have to have me that book!”

  7. I wish I had one of those copies right now! Everything that I am reading pales in comparison to the genuine writing that comes from your pen.

    – Julie

  8. Lee

    How exciting for you … and for us! I hope one day to be equally discombobulated by words on a page 🙂 Looking forward to April!

  9. I am so excited! Can’t wait to read this. 🙂

  10. Jackie

    I am so very excited for you!!! I already know that your book will be fantastic…just like you!

  11. Can’t wait to read it!

  12. I’m looking forward to this book release! Your words and images just flow, it’s such a pleasure to read.
    I’d love to get an ARC before the release to review on my blog.

  13. Katherine,

    I am currently reading “The Bright Side of Disaster” and then directly after will be reading “Everyone is Beautiful”…I will be writing a critical essay for each of them to be published on my blog as well as a new online magazine. To see an example of one of my crit essays please check out my blog.
    I’m in love with your writing! You have a strong, pure, and honest voice.
    I would love to have your opinions as well as your feedback. I strive to be a writer such as yourself.
    Thanks for Writing Wednesdays!! I look forward to them and have found them very useful.

  14. Congrats! I’m looking forward to reading it.

  15. A friend just sent me here after I raved about the last two books of yours that I read. So excited to hear/read that another book is coming!!

    6 months is far too long to have to wait!

  16. Jamie Hall

    I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, Katherine.
    My sister Joan and I are always competing with each other to be the first to get copies of new releases by our two favourite authors, Elizabeth Berg and Anne Tyler, and now, you!
    Joan doesn’t even know about your new title yet, so…I win!

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