body poems: $1

I’d love to have a body poems booth.  Maybe just sit out on the front lawn on nice days with a sign like a lemonade stand that says, Body Poems: $1.  And anybody who needed to tell herself something could just stop by and get painted.  The first time I ever painted words on someone‘s body, I had this thought: How can I do this for a living?

And then I went to Lovebomb, and a whole group of women agreed to let me paint them. They chose the words, and I did my best to do them justice.  I spent a whole afternoon, there by the beach in the breeze, painting and grooving to people’s iPod mixes.  And here’s some of what we created that day:









(Photos, top to bottom: Karen Walrond, me, Brene Brown, me, Tracey Clark, Tracey Clark, Karen Walrond.


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17 responses to “body poems: $1

  1. Those are so beautiful. But you need to include some men!

  2. I LOVE this! Reminds me of what the character in everyone is beautiful would have done.


  3. Very cool. You could totally do that at art shows!

  4. if you are ever in the bay area I’d pay for the body poem! love them!!


  5. Linsey

    I’ve got a dollar and I’ve got something my body needs to hear. Let me know when your sign is out in the yard! 🙂 You’re onto something good.

  6. Lu

    Sweet Jesus! You should so do it. Just like a lemonade stand, only you have paint and words and inspiration. I love it!

  7. You are an amazing artist and so inspiring. I think this idea would be great alternative to kiddie face painting. You would corner the adult market. And I agree, these women are so beautiful! Awesome photos.

  8. What a cool, creative idea. Enjoyed this post and the pics. Let me know when you’re in the Midwest!

  9. You need to take this on the road. First stop: DENVER!

  10. Very interesting, almost like wearing one’s heart on your sleeve. I just finished everyone is beautiful, and I really liked it. I’ll be reviewing it on my blog soon, and now of course I have to find your first book and read it too.
    Thank you for your style and insight……..this from a mom who has been asked that dreaded question from a khaki pant clothed woman……UGH!

  11. amy

    this is such a beautiful thing you’ve done with these women.

  12. amy

    you should ask the Kirtsy gals what i have been trying to get them to do- it fits right in…. We just need a sponsor – lol!
    Yr amazing. xo

  13. Deb

    Thank you!!! I am having a friend paint on me today. Haven’t decided what.. I want it on my arms so I can see it. I think”I am enough” and “wild and precious”

  14. T

    A friend and I are thinking about using this idea in a stop motion film. Is that alright with you? Would you like us to credit you in any way? Please let me know what you would prefer. Thanks!

    Toni Jean

  15. You! That was you that did those amazing body paintings I’ve seen around! I am so happy to have found you here.

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