before & after

The furnishings in our house have been going downhill for a while.  Kid life has been hard on my decorating skills.  We have a great time here and laugh a lot.  But let’s just say, decor-wise, my house is not even in the neighborhood of its potential. 

And so, one by one, I’m going to tackle little projects to try and perk our decor back up.  

For example, today I hung some paper lanterns that have been in storage since our wedding–nine years ago.  They’re from Restoration Hardware, and we thought they were so breathtaking that we got a bunch of them and hung them all around my mother’s backyard.   Then, after the wedding, we carefully folded them up and put them away.

Until today.  When it suddenly occurred to me it was crazy to waste them in a closet.  So I hung them up above the bed.

Here’s the before:


And here’s the after!



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11 responses to “before & after

  1. Carol

    I’m so glad they’ve lasted! Just waiting for you in your closet!

    They look great — and here’s hoping they don’t become targets, something to aim for, which would totally happen over here. Kids are crazy!

  2. They are beautiful! And I love that you are tackling things that make you happy!

    I have always loved paper lanterns and dream of having a party with them all over outside… maybe I should tell my husband to do my 40th that way!

  3. oooh ahh. Now, no more monkeys jumpin on the bed. (one jumped up and snared mommy’s wedding memorabilia…)

  4. I’m so happy you’re sharing this! I was thinking the same thing about my place! And thought that I’d just do things one by one and then end up with something that’s mine.
    P.S. I’m mid Everyone is Beautiful and I just want you to know that unless your writing turns into you repeating the every other word…it’s pretty much my favorite book. I love the story, but most of all, I love your writing.

  5. The Feng Shui value of the lanterns alone is sure to enhance your slumber. What a difference!

    Of course, you might wake up staring at a swinging lantern at first and think “What the…”

    Good use of using what you have. 🙂

    – Julie

  6. So, did the lovebomb decide on mutual decorating projects? I see Chookooloonks redid her studio yesterday. The lanterns are beautiful and add much to the room. When I was married, I loved seeing objects that reminded me of our union. (Not a sad story here…I’m remarrying…someone else…next summer.)

  7. Oooo.. I have some paper lanterns all tangled up — this is inspiration to actually hang them.

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