crazy cross-Texas love

So last week I fell into a crazy infatuated love.  With a chair.  A chair I found for 15 dollars on Craigslist.  But not Craigslist in Houston, where I live. Craigslist in Austin, which is 3 hours away.  What was I even doing looking at the Austin Craigslist?  But somehow it happened.  And you know how it is with love:  Once it’s got you, it doesn’t let you go.

Now, I know very few people who will drop what they are doing to drive across Texas for a 15 dollar chair.  I am one of them.  And my mom is another.  So I called my mom and said, “Wanna drive to Austin with me?  Just up and back real quick?”

And my mom said, “Sure.”

So that’s what we did.  My sweet husband took the kids for the day, and my mom and I set off on a road trip.  


We stopped by our ranch on the way out of town.  Then we gabbed all the way to Austin, where picked up the chair (pix later!) and stopped for coffee at the Nutty Brown Cafe.


And stopped by a gardening store:


And then drove home under the most amazingly beautiful Texas sky I can ever remember.


There are many kinds of perfect days.  And this was definitely one of them.  


Even though the chair itself?  When I finally got it?  Turned out to be something my husband will tease me about for many years to come.


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14 responses to “crazy cross-Texas love

  1. It’s called living. Better than dreaming about it – go and do it. Good job!

  2. Linsey

    Chair: $15. The time with your mom under a perfect Texas sky: you know…priceless! Love this post.

  3. I would totally drive 3 hours for the perfect chair and I have tons of envy for those folks (like you) who find great CraigsList treasures – I seem totally unable to do the same! Can’t wait to see the chair.

  4. detes

    Wish I could do the same with my mom.

  5. Sounds like such a fun adventure. Heck, I forgot the chair there at the end. But thank goodness for that chair!

  6. Shelley Stein

    OK, now show us the chair!

  7. I flew over Texas last August, into the airport in Houston. It was amazing, even though I was above and in the clouds more than below them. The puffiness of each cloud was weighted with moisture, the blue sky flirting through clear spots.

    Even better was when I flew out of Houston toward Florida. Going over Galveston and into the Gulf took my breath away (probably like your chair did to you!).

    – Julie

  8. Annie

    I can’t wait to see the chair!!!

  9. Gordo the Texan

    Wow, that husband of yours sounds like he really loves you. He must sure think he is married to a beautiful and amazing woman. What a lucky guy.

  10. SavannahB

    Awww man, you two are precious!! When do we get a glimpse of the now-infamous Chair?

  11. txmomof3

    I love that y’all did this. I was going to say “Next time you find something in Craigslist Austin for $15, I’ll go buy it for you” but by the end of your post, I could see that would have been completely silly. That’s the best $15 you ever spent.
    p.s. I love that G. comments on your blog. I can’t get my hubby to do that (at least he reads it, though).

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