water girl

For the record, I’m all for store-bought costumes at Halloween.  We’ve had many at our house.  But this year, I got inspired to create.  My son said he wanted to be Fire Man, and my daughter instantly said, “And I can be Water Girl!”  

And I just thought those were such rockin’ superheroes for my kids to have invented, I wanted to do them justice.  Plus, it got my brain rolling.  How would you make a fire wand?  Or water hair?  

Creativity is so much about solving problems.  Having limitations — as I try to remind myself daily — forces you to think about how to work around them.  Limitations like, for example, not knowing how to sew.

And, at the same time, enthusiasm can push you past those limitations.  I really wanted to make a flowy dress for Water Girl so she would look like water as she moved.  And so I just decided to make her a dress and not let the fact that I have never done that before stop me. 



I just figured it out as I went along and bulldozed over the difficult parts, and — voila! — I can now add make a water dress to my list of crazy, unmarketable skills.   DSC_0117

As well as make water hair


And, of course, attach fringe to anything and everything.


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12 responses to “water girl

  1. That looks great! What a wonderful costume! I can’t believe you’ve never made a dress before it is awesome.

  2. You are my hero! Looks fantastic.

  3. This is beyond fantastic. Will you post pictures of Water Girl and Fire Boy together please?

  4. That is SO awesome. When my daughter was four, she said she wanted to be a “girl super hero,” so we put together something. No sewing, but it was fun being creative and coming up with a “Super Amanda” costume: http://jennifersnapshot.blogspot.com/2006/10/dog-superhero-and-really-useful-engine.html

    • Cute, cute! I love that big A!! I bet she loved zooming around in that!! The Really Useful Engine is adorable, too. And, of course, the dog costume gets me thinking about what we could put on the cat…

  5. What an enchanting costume to get to wear!

  6. sarah

    Oh my God, that’s gorgeous. You are a wonder.

  7. Tina

    That dress is so awesome!! I love it, and I can’t believe you’ve never sewn before!!

    I was actually walking around a fabric store this weekend and all of the material is so pretty I had so many ideas, I’ve never sewn either. So I of course walked out with nothing in hand, but I might have to give this sewing thing a try. I have so many images in my head, and of course I have not found anything like what I want in the store.

    Absolutely beautiful! Do we get to see the fire man too?

  8. Tina

    nevermind! I’m so sorry I found the fire man 🙂

  9. I should confess that I have actually sewn before–just not clothes! I used to be a quilter. And I’ve always been kinda crafty. I have a sewing machine that I’ve used for lots of crazy projects. Just never clothes! Though now that I’ve tried it, it’s not that hard. My brain’s already churning with ideas for cute girl dresses…

  10. Beautiful and Wonderful! I never would have known that you hadn’t sewn a dress before. It turned out fab!

  11. Linsey

    I think YOU, my friend, are the superhero in this story!

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