Last spring, the amazing Mary Swenson took these photos for me in response to a quote I sent her from Everyone Is Beautiful.  She broke the quote down by sentences, and took a photo for each one.  Then we ran the photos in sequence and made a video.  But the photos are so amazing, they deserve a place of their own.  In the video, they disappear fast and it’s on to the next image.  I’ve been meaning to put up these luscious stills for months, and now that I’m finally doing it, I am completely knocked over — again — by the rich colors, the movement of the light, and the variety of tones in each picture — and how they enrich and play off the words.















And here is the video.  Somehow, the photos lost their crispness in translation.  But it’s fun to see them in action… 


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12 responses to “gorgeousness

  1. Seeing these brings me back to how thrilled I was to be a part of this project. I’m so honored that you asked me!! xo

  2. deb

    Beautiful. Both in words and pictures.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. That’s a great quote and the pictures really take you there!

  4. debbie

    oh dear. I don’t think I was in a good place at the time to read these. Beautiful pictures… but it made me cry.

  5. detes

    There is a touch of sadness in the words and a beauty in the photos that make quite a combo.

  6. I love this. I feel so grateful that I have those moments to remember. It’s hard, but it’s beautiful.

  7. Sophia

    Quite simply, Wow!

  8. Katherine, this is a beautiful post and so bitter sweet for me. thank you for sharing.
    Hope all is well. miss seeing you. andrea

  9. somehow i have been living a very crazy life and feel as if i’ve just crawled out from under a rock by discovering all this before 5 a.m. going to the library – getting your books and losing myself till who knows when. just as i get myself all settled in to read…that awaited-horribly overdue first grandson will be born and i’ll be screwed! but i know you’re out there and i can’t wait to dive.

  10. wow. I love the writing for the slides.

  11. I’m sitting here with a few tears running down my cheeks wishing I had known these things before I left home. Just to have known. Beautiful job.

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