more décor

Here’s another before and after.

A really awesome mod chair from my grandfather’s building materials company that I snagged from my mom’s garage a few weeks ago:


And now, in my living room, freshly back from the upholsterer’s:



I’ve kinda fallen in love with this chair, but it didn’t happen until after it got its makeover.  When I first brought it to my house, I really couldn’t see past the dust and the broken springs.  But I had a theory that the chair would clean up well, and so, out of loyalty to my grandfather’s excellent 1950s office decor and out of curiosity to see how far a new fabric could take us, I took the plunge.  

Now I am halfway through my reupholstering project.  Two chairs down, two to go.  That’s been a goal this fall: to perk things up a little around here and make our living room feel less like a toy repository.  No major changes.  We still have stacks of books and piles of tin soliders everywhere.  Our coffee table is still a train table.  A dragon castle still sits in front of our fireplace.  We still have the rug my son dumped an entire bottle of tempera paint on and the sofa that got painted with Elmer’s glue.  

I’ve looked at a lot of design sites as I’ve been thinking about how to spruce up our house, and I’ve seen a lot of crisply clean and beautiful spaces.  But whenever I started to feel envious of how orderly or put-together or artfully arranged those houses were, I’d remind myself how much fun we have here.  Our house will never be a showplace, that’s for sure.  But it’s hands-down the best home I could have wished for.

And that makes the redecorating project easy.   I don’t need best.  I am perfectly happy with better.


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7 responses to “more décor

  1. The chair looks great! It’s amazing the difference a change of fabric can make.

  2. i WANT that chair!
    love it!

  3. my kids would die for the two mid-century modern teak sling chairs that were part of my parents decor back in the early 60’s. long since disappeared, i hope someone has taken the time to re-purpose them and give them a new life like you did your grandfather’s. it’s gorgeous. there IS that mcm “danish” cherry dining room set that i’ll have to find a new home for when my mom’s house eventually gets disassembled…”do I hear $500?” “$550?” “going once…”

  4. Deb

    Your house can be a showplace when your kids are grown. : )
    Mine are grown and now my house is totally for my golden retrievers :leather furniture (no dog hair) caramel berber carpet(dog hair doesn’t show) and child proofed for my grandkids!
    Oh well, in my next life!
    The chairs are gorgeous!

  5. Shelley Stein

    Awesome chair that looks like it really wanted to have that fabulous fabric on it!

  6. tammy

    beautiful. you chose the right fabric and trusted your instincts. that’s a gift.

  7. I like this post. Good for you. And the last time I was here you had just found that chair. Ha!

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