s i s t e r s

I stumbled on this little moment in our old home movies over the weekend and couldn’t believe how sweet it was.  And so I made this video.

(I’m the little blond sister, by  the way…)


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26 responses to “s i s t e r s

  1. txmomof3

    Aaaah! Even sweeter than I imagined. I love it.

  2. Mary Ellen

    Makes me get on the phone and call my sisters — NOW! Absolutely lovely.

  3. Julie

    you should write about sisters.

  4. hillary

    beautiful, cherubic, timeless. made me cry. xoxo. love that swirling skirt and the blonde (!) pigtails!

  5. love, love, love this.
    brought a BIG smile to my face.
    thank you.

  6. Shelley Stein

    I feel like such a movie star (I’m the one in the peasant skirt). This is very lovely. I look just like my Yaz.

  7. i got chills watching this.
    beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  8. Kim

    Beautiful video! Isn’t it wonderful that someone thought of recording such simple, true moments. And Shelley, I just adore your yellow-top-and-print-skirt outfit!

  9. just sent it to my sisters.

  10. so very very sweet…wish I had old home movies!

  11. Lisa Brooks

    Beautiful. Wish I had a sister.

  12. MOG

    beautiful video, sisters are the best!

  13. Jet

    Lovely, lovely. (My favourite part is the tippy-toe dance – just too filled with life to land fully.)
    This feeling works with brothers, too.

    Also, can hardly stand to wait to read the new book… pub date, yet?

  14. Ghislaine

    You girls look lovely. There’s so much love! Thanks for sharing it. And it’s another evidence that Yazzie and Shelley are almost the same person!

  15. Fabienne

    A new book about sisters ? great !! can’t wait to read it. I love my sister, she’s the funnier person ever. Wish the same bonding for my boys.

  16. Susan

    I love it! That’s great! Aren’t we so very lucky to have sisters!

  17. That was sooo sweet. It makes me want to drag out the 8mm film and see what I can do with it.

  18. Linsey

    I bet your sister crumbled when she saw this! How blessed you are to have TWO sisters! xo!

  19. Sweet, simple and beautiful. How did you digitize the old film?

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