the girls

I’ve been feeling feisty lately.  The brouhaha over Publishers Weekly’s Top Ten books of 2009 — which had no women authors on it — has left me thinking a lot about women’s place in our cultural conversation.  

And, as I’ve been driving my carpools and snaking the grocery store aisles, I’ve been composing an essay about it — fully aware of the irony that my life as a busy mom was going to make it pretty much impossible for me to ever write that essay.  

But then I remembered I’d already written it.

Or at least, a version of it.

Because last year I wrote the introduction to Kirtsy Takes A Bow — an anthology that goes on sale this week drawn from the fantastic women’s site Kirtsy.  

I went back and read the essay, and it captured a lot of what I’ve been feeling this week.  And so I called up the editor and asked if I could make her a book trailer.  And she said yes.  

And so, two days of obsessive work later, here it is.  Though I couldn’t fit the whole essay into the trailer.  For that, you’ll have to buy the book

Publshers Weekly, this one’s for you.  


Guess who this one’s for?  

The girls.

* * * * * * * * 


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38 responses to “the girls

  1. Sophia

    This video is amazing. I love the music, and I love hearing your voice. Please find the time to write, I am an avid fan.

  2. So happy to have found you via lovely Jen G. This video is soooo GOOD.

  3. That was great. I posted the link in the comments of today’s post on the Lipstick Chronicles because it gives a lovely balance to the subject of the blog.

  4. Love, love, LOVE! This is going on my blog and Facebook and Twitter…well, everywhere. So wish I could meet you tonight at the book launch party, but alas my husband is out of town and I have no one to watch my kiddos. Next time.


  6. Y

    Wow. That was incredible! Thank you.

    I’m so proud to be a part of this book.

  7. I started watching this this morning before I knew you did it…and as soon as I heard your voice, I squealed. eeeeeee!!!

    I’m so proud to be a part of this book. I cannot wait to hold it in my hands. Until then, I will watch your video over and over. 🙂

  8. Fabulous video. I think men are doing most of the talking because we women are too busy doing most of the DOING. Ya know? 🙂

  9. Just this summer, at the age of 36, (after several glasses of wine) I finally had the courage to tell a dear friend what I REALLY wanted to be when I grow up. I’d never uttered the words, “I want to write a book” out loud before.

    That dear friend said, “Go for it.” I told her a bit about the story I’ve had rolling around in my head for years. Started telling her the details of this woman, the loss she encounters and the fortitude she never would have guessed she had.

    I told my husband I wanted to take a year to write this story, to see what I could do. I was terrified yet invigorated by the idea of chasing my dream. Now, I’m 75,000 words into the story. For months, my house has been a wreck. The fridge is bare. I’m behind on a number of things. My blogs are sorely neglected. But I’m compelled to bring this character and her story to life, to see her through this journey.

    I don’t know if my novel is good enough to garner an agent’s interest, or a publishing house. But still a story for women about a woman. We women write, dream, speak and do. Here’s hoping the powers that be take notice.

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  11. Deb

    You GO GIRL!!!! That was excellent!!! Loved it!

  12. Love the video, the music, your voice, but most of all the message. So inspiring. Thank you!

  13. This is amazing!

    I’m posting this on my blog.

  14. Love. Love. LOVE.

    Watched it twice this morning. Now will watch it again.

  15. cathi boerio

    love it!! absolutely love it! thank you–

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  17. LOVE IT, Katherine. Well done!

  18. This is so awesome, Katherine! Thanks for doing this!

  19. love your artistry (in all forms)…always an inspiration. you are already leading the way. thank you.

  20. Simply…poetic. (Catchy tune-age, too). Thanks for sharing your incredible knack for communicating a worthy message to the masses.

  21. I knew you totally rocked before you made this video but now I think you are a goddess! love this and really admire YOU!


  22. I have only one word for this, Katherine: AWESOME!!! Loved it. And now I *do* have to buy the book 🙂

    By the way, my 15 year old niece called me the other day asking for a book recommendation (she wanted something about women that would also make her laugh). I recommended The Bright Side of Disaster…she read it in 2 days (which is huge for her!) and loved it…just wanted to let you know 🙂

  23. Can I just say that the script to this video is the only reason I ended up on this blog (I stumbled across it on another blog a few minutes ago).

    I, too, have been thinking and feeling all of these things about being a woman today – although, I have to admit, it’s a relatively new discovery to me. Lately I’ve been venting to my friends (who all agree whole heartedly), my husband (my poor overwhelmed husband who must, by now feel bad about being a man), my blog and my journal.

    The culmination of all this venting and thinking has been that, gosh darn-it, I need to stand up and say something and help other women have their say too. So, on that note, kudos on saying it so well (for all of us) and (hopefully) inspiring a bunch more women to say something…


  24. Awesome. Perfect. Way cool. I’m retweeting this, plus FBing it and sending it off to my 70+ year old Aunt Norma in Long Island.

  25. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeee! I love it… Go women and go community!! 🙂

  26. Linsey

    You did NOT just whip this up!?!? OK…so you’re amazing, creative, talented, insightful, witty…and I sure do like you!

  27. Veronique

    Amazing sweet K! I think you may have a talent for movie editing…this is REALLY GOOD!!

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  30. txmomof3

    Katherine, I had to blog about this video, I was so enchanted by it. The only percentage you didn’t mention (which is my favorite) is the percentage of mom’s that are women. A whopping 100%. That’s one we don’t need to change.
    Inspiring as always.

  31. txmomof3

    Oh GAWD that’s “moms” not “mom’s.”
    It was going to drive me crazy.

  32. Ingrid

    Howdy Katherine.
    As always, you rock ;-). xxx

  33. Good stuff. Best movie I have seen in a while is Avatar hands down. That movie was well done and extremely entertaining. For any of you that have yet to see it, go watch it while it’s in theaters. You will not be disappointed.

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