my exquisite mother

I have one of those moms who’s a superhero.  There is nothing she can’t handle.  She should have been the President, and I’m not kidding.

But then I never would have gotten to see her.  And I love to see her.  So it was a good deal for me that she wasn’t the President.  But I’m not sure it was a good deal for the world.

She just had her 50th high school reunion, and she pulled out a bunch of old photos.  Here are a few. I could flip through her old photo albums all day long.


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7 responses to “my exquisite mother

  1. julie

    i love these! i feel the same way about my mom’s old pictures… hours just slip away as i look through all those old albums!

  2. I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Abigail

    How fabulous! Thanks for sharing x

  4. These are so wonderful. I see you and your sister so clearly. Amazing!

  5. detes

    And I know your mom is equally proud of you and delights in looking at childhood photos of you.

  6. Jet

    These are lovely. And what a treat to have them.

    Most of my mother’s photos (from my childhood) were lost when their house burned. That makes it a special gift that my mother now has my Nana’s photo albums (that run from the time just before her wedding as a war bride in 1942 London up to just a few years ago). Wonderful.

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