time in the country

We’ve spent time in the country the past two weekends at my grandparents’ ranch.  This is my favorite place to be.


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10 responses to “time in the country

  1. Those clouds are so inviting.

  2. Kristy Johnson

    mmmmm. This is the part of Texas that I love as well. Will miss it when we move.

  3. Lovely, I miss Texas, most of my familiy is in the Dallas area.

  4. I guess you know that those first two–amsterdam and ukbetting are spam comments. Chronc got 150 in about a minute. (But I agree with you about the country. And today is a beaut!)–B.

  5. Shelley Stein

    Lovely! Especially the shell.

  6. detes

    Babette, what are amsterdam and ukbetting…I am confused, but not about the country photos…fablulous.

  7. Interesting. And, oh, man! That last picture? To die for!

  8. Those photos make it very clear why that ranch is your favourite place to be.


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