Plenty of surreal things have happened in my life.  But I’m not sure I’ve ever quite felt anything like it feels to look at this:

It’s my first novel, The Bright Side of Disaster, in Czech.

It is indescribably bizarre to flip through a book that YOU wrote–and not be able to read a word.  Not even guess at what the words might sound like.

The title in Czech translates to “Everything Bad Is Good For Something.”  Which I love like crazy and I’m going to print up on a bumper sticker.

And one last thing: there’s an obese one-eye cat in the story named Dr. Blandon, and they put him on the back cover!  Which is just about as good as it gets.


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10 responses to “surreal

  1. Neat-o. Love the cat. Heh

  2. That cat totally makes it.


  3. Jet

    Too much fun! And I agree, the title is definitely “found in translation”. I’d buy that bumper sticker.

  4. That’s just awesome Katherine!!!

  5. Mary Harper

    I would LOVE that bumper sticker. And I have NEVER put a bumper sticker on my car. That’s how cool I think it is!

    So, Mrs. Centerove, let me know when they’re printed and I’ll be the first on the block to buy one.

  6. julie

    they changed the title! they even changed your name! doesn’t it make you wish you could read a translation of the translation to see what else ended up different? sooooo cool.

  7. I agree that Katherine Centerova’ has a nice ring to it.

  8. That is awesome! I love the translated name, it would make a great bumper sticker.

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