my exhausted heart

We’ve been sick for two solid weeks around here.

And I am a champion worrier.   I can worry you under the table.  You don’t know what worrying is until you’ve met me.  If I could take my worrying to the Olympics, I’d bring home the gold, baby.  I’d have my own line of sneakers.

Though, sadly, of course, I cannot take my worrying to the olympics.  But I can take it–and my two stuffed-up children–into our bathroom with a box of tissues, run the shower, and call it a “sweat lodge.”  Which is what we did today.

And I can let that worry bring my blessings into sharp focus.  And I can give thanks for my little ones and their beautiful hands.  And I can promise myself, again and again, not to take even one single second for granted.


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22 responses to “my exhausted heart

  1. Deb

    Katherine, and besides not taking anything for granted also remember This Too Shall Pass. Sick kids, bad weather, etc can all seem to last forever but in the Big Picture , it all goes by very fast!

  2. i think every time my little one in sick, even a “normal” little sick like a stuffed up nose, i get a little bruise on my heart…it’s exhausting to love to big, you know? it’s worth it, and it’s wonderful, but it’s exhausting…

    hope you’re taking care of yourself, too, Katherine. xoxo

  3. I would have never pegged you as a worrier. And here I thought you were perfect. Hmph. Now you’re even MORE perfect. 🙂 Sending get well wishes to you and yours.

  4. Deb

    I just recently came across your blog (found you thru Davina) and I must say… I love you. That is all.

  5. Katherine,

    I hope you and the children get better soon! I always take tons and tons of vitamin C, more than any person should be allowed to. Of course then there’s a lot of “tooting” going on but then we all get better! [Usually.] 😉


  6. joyisachoice

    Beautiful…and feel better!

  7. I use that “olympic” line all the time. I won’t tell you what I would medal in… funny things, all of them.

    Hope the kids feel better soon!

  8. I happened across your blog from my blogosphere wanderings, and I just love your beautiful posts and photography. But I didn’t even think about your book in particular — besides, oh cool, foreign language cover, I want one of those someday.

    And then I realized. Katherine Center. Everyone is Beautiful. I read that book, and I LOVE it. As evidenced by my blog, if you feel like reading yet another amateur review…

  9. liz

    Eucalyptus oil in the shower helps my little ones sometimes. If nothing else, it smells good. 😉

  10. I never would have pegged you as an Olympic caliber worrier. I once heard: worry is like a rocking chair…doesn’t get you anywhere. Glad the blessings came into sharp focus for you (that kind of vision is worry’s enemy).

    I should have joined you in the sweat lodge this week (lovely sinuses).

    Blessings and hugs,

  11. From my Reader, the thermometer looked like, um, something else. And I didn’t peg you as a worrier either. Join the club, chica. And feel better soon.

  12. I recently stumbled across your blog. Loving it. In fact, I loved it so much I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to buy one of your books. You are an amazing writer!

  13. Just saw your mom 2.0 video on stacy julian’s blog – amazing! so very cool!

  14. hello katherine…thanks for dropping in my leaf and read…I just finished your book ‘Everyone is Beautiful’ and reviewed it. Thank you so much for making the book!

  15. how I did not discover you before today is a complete mystery but i am grateful that the blogosphere connected me to your video for mom 2.0 summit. brilliant. thank you for summing up a small part of the motherhood experience for me and of course others. I look forward to reading & hearing more of your work.

  16. cindy

    wow… how poetic… and beautiful… your words, the pictures, the images they convey to me (taking me back to when my grown up kids were little and sickly)… you actually made me miss those days! and i have been a champion worrier myself… i love your art and messages… keep it coming and thank you!


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