art for Mom 2.0

It’s been a long month of sick kids (and parents) at my house.  And even though I knew there would be many, many, many of my favorite people at the Mom 2.0 Summit last weekend, I had to scramble pretty hard to get there.

But I made it.  And it was so good in so many ways.

Something magical happens when you get so many amazing people in one place.  And watching my video up on the big screen at the opening of the conference was pretty magical for me, too.

I love like crazy the theme of Mom 2.o this year:  What You’re Doing Matters.  Partly because I wrote it (and felt so honored that the Mom 2.0 Girls chose it as a theme), and partly because I SO believe it. And seeing the art show, with all those ordinary mom moments from daily life in a place of honor up on a wall in a gallery — it was powerful stuff for me.

Here’s the art I contributed:

I Mod-Podged old dictionary pages on a canvas and then wrote the words with a paintbrush and black acrylic.  It’ll be sold at the Mom 2.o online art auction (proceeds go to Haiti), and I’ll post the link when I have it.

By the way, here’s the piece of art I meant to contribute to the Mom 2.0 art show:

But after I finished it, I was kinda looking at it, thinking, “Not bad!” — when I noticed that little upside-down bird above “brave.”  And, yep:  Turns out I painted the words on an upside-down canvas.  Oops.

But I also contributed some other art!  I painted on the women who came to the art show.  Anybody who wanted one got a word — or several — on her body.  Here’s the beautiful Laurie Smithwick‘s arm:

All to say, it was a heck of a weekend.  And that — really and truly — is not even the half of it.


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22 responses to “art for Mom 2.0

  1. Gordo the Texan


    I love you.

    You have been super mom during all of this. It seems as though there have been a million late nights of humidifier refills, doses of Tylenol for the kids, and a daily trip to the doctor or pharmacy. You still manage to make me laugh each day, make our house feel cozy and full of love, and amaze me with your talent.

    I’m glad that you were able to spend time this weekend with other creative, innovative, and insightful old and new friends. I love seeing you that happy.

    All my love,

    Gordon (
    Your biggest fan (literally)

  2. detes

    What a great husband!

  3. OK. I MUST own the art you made. Please pass on the link to the auction when you can! 🙂

  4. if the upside down bird art goes on sale (anytime)…let me know. i want those words on my daughter’s wall as they get older. yes, i even want it with the upside down bird and words.

  5. What a nice message from your husband. I wish I could have gone to the summit… glad you didn’t miss it… especially because of your video. My daughter moved out last week…I was not ready….I am not sure if she is…but the words of the essay you read in the video resonate in my mind. So inspiring.

  6. You are amazing and I’m thrilled that I got the chance to spend time with you and be painted on by you 😉

  7. Y’know, it would have been very brave of you to use that upside down art. Nonetheless, I love them both. And loved seeing you last weekend. Wish it were still happening 😦

  8. oh, i love both pieces of art! upside down or not! what wonderful messages.

  9. Nikki

    I agree, using the canvas upside down mirrors the theme of being brave! very profound!

  10. Love the art! I’m really hoping to be able to attend the summit next year.

  11. I’ve been dying to ask you about the weekend. So bummed that we’re in the same boat of sick children (and sick mommy). I’m blaming it on tree pollen!

  12. Beth

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have truly captured the essence of being a mom with your video and words, it meant so much to me, thank you.

  13. P.S. After reading the first chapter of each of your books I’m off to buy them both tomorrow…I’m already hooked and dying to know what happens. Now my only dilemma is which one to read first!

  14. your quote about “being brave with your life so others can be brave with theirs” has become my mantra…all credit back to you of course…i found myself sharing it with 2 other moms today and one of the teachers at my kids school.

  15. I have been delighting in your blog for sometime now. I’ve shared your incredibly beautiful vidio for the mom summit 2.0 with every mom I know. I smile and cry and sigh and your words and thought it was time that I thank you. (i love, love love the concept of words painted on skin)
    You inspire.

  16. Rob

    Hi Katherine,

    I came here through another site and wanted to let you know just how wonderful your video and words are. They really moved me and I have shared your video on my blog with all the mothers I personally know and many I don’t. I have put a link back to here as well. Hope this is OK. Thanks again, so inspiring and I will be back.

    Rob K in Australia

  17. Just found you through the Chevy/Great Wolf Lodge mom bloggers weekend. I love the second sign on this. They are words I need to say to myself a lot these days and they really resonate with me.

    I look forward to reading more of your work and your blog. And, maybe we’ll meet this weekend! I admire all you’ve done. I’d like to think one day I might have a book in me, so women like you really inspire me.

  18. SG

    I love the upside down bird too. Talk about a million ways to be brave — showing our mistakes, our flaws, the wonders that come from our errors. That’s brave.

  19. I read the Bright Side of Disaster was fantastic! Neha and I both loved meeting you at Mom 2.0 – we love your writing, and your beautiful videos, we look forward to seeing all your future artwork.

    -Shivani & Neha from Sama Baby

  20. i LOVE that pic of all of us. thank goodness i took off the mickey-d’s bag hat off!

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