it’s spring in Texas

And you know what that means.

Kite flying.

Swing sets.

Climbing backwards up the slide.

Picking every flower that dares to blossom.

And miniature fruit kebabs on toothpicks.

In another couple of months, it’ll be so hot that “outside” will be something we only want to see through the window.  But right now, the sun is out, the breeze is blowing, and every single minute seems like a miracle.


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8 responses to “it’s spring in Texas

  1. Beautiful photos! We’re enjoying this lovely Texas weather, too. Such a nice break from the long, long cold winter.

  2. i love the pictures! makes me warm all over 🙂

  3. Beautiful, heart-warming, sunshine-y post! And, btw, here’s a post where I credited you, from a while back, if I haven’t already shared. It got tweeted & retweeted. But then, that was happening everywhere!

  4. detes

    and spring break from school….but back into the groove tonight for many.

  5. Love these candid shots of spring in full bloom! All of my in-laws live around DFW and there seems to be such a small window of time when being outside is truly enjoyable, before it gets hotter than hot! So glad you’re soaking it up. Enjoy!

  6. amy

    Such happy photos! Spring in my neck of the woods means endless rainy days. Looking forward to sunny days ahead. Even the hot ones.

  7. We just started this week with the Spring thing. SO EXCITED!

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