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my exhausted heart

We’ve been sick for two solid weeks around here.

And I am a champion worrier.   I can worry you under the table.  You don’t know what worrying is until you’ve met me.  If I could take my worrying to the Olympics, I’d bring home the gold, baby.  I’d have my own line of sneakers.

Though, sadly, of course, I cannot take my worrying to the olympics.  But I can take it–and my two stuffed-up children–into our bathroom with a box of tissues, run the shower, and call it a “sweat lodge.”  Which is what we did today.

And I can let that worry bring my blessings into sharp focus.  And I can give thanks for my little ones and their beautiful hands.  And I can promise myself, again and again, not to take even one single second for granted.


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time in the country

We’ve spent time in the country the past two weekends at my grandparents’ ranch.  This is my favorite place to be.


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my holiday gift to you

One of the most perfect, delectable, romantic movie scenes ever.

Happy holidays.


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my exquisite mother

I have one of those moms who’s a superhero.  There is nothing she can’t handle.  She should have been the President, and I’m not kidding.

But then I never would have gotten to see her.  And I love to see her.  So it was a good deal for me that she wasn’t the President.  But I’m not sure it was a good deal for the world.

She just had her 50th high school reunion, and she pulled out a bunch of old photos.  Here are a few. I could flip through her old photo albums all day long.


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water girl

For the record, I’m all for store-bought costumes at Halloween.  We’ve had many at our house.  But this year, I got inspired to create.  My son said he wanted to be Fire Man, and my daughter instantly said, “And I can be Water Girl!”  

And I just thought those were such rockin’ superheroes for my kids to have invented, I wanted to do them justice.  Plus, it got my brain rolling.  How would you make a fire wand?  Or water hair?  

Creativity is so much about solving problems.  Having limitations — as I try to remind myself daily — forces you to think about how to work around them.  Limitations like, for example, not knowing how to sew.

And, at the same time, enthusiasm can push you past those limitations.  I really wanted to make a flowy dress for Water Girl so she would look like water as she moved.  And so I just decided to make her a dress and not let the fact that I have never done that before stop me. 



I just figured it out as I went along and bulldozed over the difficult parts, and — voila! — I can now add make a water dress to my list of crazy, unmarketable skills.   DSC_0117

As well as make water hair


And, of course, attach fringe to anything and everything.


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kid-art wallpaper

So, as you know, when you have kids, you acquire a lot of kid art.  And a huge amount of it is completely awesome.  And the fact that your child made it makes it even more awesome–even if it’s only, like, a scribble that you’ve been told is “a weasel.”

Last spring, I decided that I was going to turn our house into a kid art gallery and just put those gorgeous things up on our walls.  All of our walls.  Everywhere.  


And guess what?  With almost every wall covered in kid-art, the house started to feel a little, um,  jumbled.  

At some point it hit me that even when those spaces were clean, they didn’t feel that way.  So I decided to revise.

I took it all down from around the house and smushed it all together in one place: our staircase.  

Here’s the stairway before:


And here’s the stairway after:




And I know what you might be thinking: That with this design move, I’ve gone from a little bit jumbled to super-crazy jumbled.  And for the stairway, that’s true.  You can’t use the stairs without being surrounded, dwarfed, and — hell — engulfed by kid art.  

But the rest of the house?  Much better.

And I don’t know what Martha Stewart would say, but, for me, the staircase is much better, too.


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crazy cross-Texas love

So last week I fell into a crazy infatuated love.  With a chair.  A chair I found for 15 dollars on Craigslist.  But not Craigslist in Houston, where I live. Craigslist in Austin, which is 3 hours away.  What was I even doing looking at the Austin Craigslist?  But somehow it happened.  And you know how it is with love:  Once it’s got you, it doesn’t let you go.

Now, I know very few people who will drop what they are doing to drive across Texas for a 15 dollar chair.  I am one of them.  And my mom is another.  So I called my mom and said, “Wanna drive to Austin with me?  Just up and back real quick?”

And my mom said, “Sure.”

So that’s what we did.  My sweet husband took the kids for the day, and my mom and I set off on a road trip.  


We stopped by our ranch on the way out of town.  Then we gabbed all the way to Austin, where picked up the chair (pix later!) and stopped for coffee at the Nutty Brown Cafe.


And stopped by a gardening store:


And then drove home under the most amazingly beautiful Texas sky I can ever remember.


There are many kinds of perfect days.  And this was definitely one of them.  


Even though the chair itself?  When I finally got it?  Turned out to be something my husband will tease me about for many years to come.


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