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written on the body

I’m not sure how I came up with the idea to do this.  But a few weeks back, I decided that I wanted to paint words all over the body of my friend Jenny and have our friend Karen photograph it.  So I asked them.  And to my serious delight they both said yes.


Here’s something I love to do:  put words in places you don’t expect them.

In college, I stamped poems onto signs made out of sheet metal and  put them up around campus.  I stamped words on office supplies, and bedsheets, and the pages of old books.

I loved the idea of words showing up where they didn’t belong.  The surprise of it.


Now I am a grown-up, and writer, and I spend most of my creative life typing.  

But every now and then, I get to step away from my laptop.  And two days ago, I ventured out into my  mother’s back garden with two of my favorite people.  And I could not believe how relaxed we all were.  How game Jenny was to be painted like a tattooed lady, and how calm she was.  And how perfectly Karen captured not just the look of things, but the tenderness of it all.

And then our friend Laura showed up, too, and we hung out at my mom’s kitchen table.  We ate do-nuts and joked around a lot, but there was definitely something magical going on there that day.


And then, using Karen’s photos, I made this video–to try to bring the words off the page a little.  To bring them to life in a new way.  And boy, did they come to life.

ALSO: This happens to be the garden where I got married. 

And ALSO:  Karen took exactly 500 photos that day.

And ALSO: Jenny read to us from the memoir she’s writing when we went back inside, and my face hurt from laughing the rest of the day.


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what does beautiful look like to you?

Over at the amazing photography site Shutter Sisters, there’s a project going on.  It’s called the One Word Project.  Every month, they choose a new word and then folks post photos of their interpretations of that word.

This month, to celebrate the release of Everyone Is Beautiful, the One Word is “Beautiful.”  And Ballantine Books is giving away four Diana cameras over the course of the month–every Sunday.

I want to say, “It’s going to be incredible.” But guess what?  It already is!

Tracey Clark, who put this whole thing together, posted about it on Sunday to the Shutter Sisters community.  She wrote, “The book is awesome; perfectly written, insightful, hilarious and cut-to-the-heart tender,” and then she encouraged everyone to “muse on beauty, grab your cameras and see what kind of beautiful you can find through your lens.”  Now, already, there are over 300 photos up in the Flickr pool.  

I went to choose five of the photos that are already up to celebrate here, but there were so many great photos, I had trouble choosing.  So I just upped it to 10.  Which still isn’t enough.  

But here’s a sampling of what those amazing photographers can do with that one beautiful word:












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mother may I

Here is a gorgeous photo from the fabulous Tracey Clark at Mother May I.  



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first week roundup!


Emails and responses are starting to roll in for Everyone Is Beautiful, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the things people are saying:

I just read Everyone Is Beautiful and it was such pure joy!  I was so tired and ready for a nap but picked it up to read a chapter or two and ended up finishing that night.  I could not put it down!  


I found myself laughing out loud just as I did in the first book and “noodle” has become new terminology in my household.


I just today finished reading it and I loved it !!!


I hear your book is taking off in big ways – one of my nearest & dearest cried in the first 12 pages. That’s…a good sign! 

Gwen Bell

I already finished Beautiful and loved it!!!!  You capture the life of a stay-at-home Mom so eloquently and again, I loved the characters and was rooting for Lanie!


Loved everyone is beautiful!  What a lovely, nitty-gritty, poignant, hilarious description of the madness family life can be–with a lovely love story to boot!


Your book makes my life feel important.




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Just blowing a kiss to Mary Swenson, who posted this lovely image of Everyone Is Beautiful’s cover on her gorgeous blog, It’s Pretty Good.


Don’t you wish keyboards had a heart key so we could all use hearts as verbs??


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reading tonight at Brazos Bookstore in H-town!

Remember last week when I went to Borders and got yelled-at for taking a photo of my book on display??

I posted about it on Facebook.  And within about five minutes, Sally, who works at Brazos and is a Facebook buddy of mine, wrote to let me know that I should have come to Brazos.  Where I could’ve taken all the pictures I liked.

So I went to Brazos to take pictures.


And guess what?  There was my book!  Out on display!

I love all bookstores.  I even still love Borders.  (Red is my favorite color, after all.)  I love the smell of the new books.  I love the buzz that comes from being surrounded by them.  I love the sense of possibility that comes from having all those thoughts and adventures and poems in one place.  I even just like the shopping.

But I don’t go to bookstores now, as a mama, as often as I used to.  Because my kids can empty a shelf of books faster than you can say, “Don’t touch those!”

I’m always struck, when I get to go to Brazos, at how beautiful it is in there.  The books are beautiful, and so are the antiques everywhere, and that great rug.  And the lighting.  

And plus, it’s not covered in toys.  And, for me, that’s always a shock and a delight.


I’m reading tonight at Brazos at 7 pm.  If you’re in Houston, come by!  No toys anywhere–I promise!


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super sweet


Kristjana, at the the Mommy Blog, just posted the sweetest blog entry about Everyone Is Beautiful.  After writing about how she’s not posting as much since her new baby (look at that handome face!) came last summer, she said this:

Fortunately, inspiration comes in unlikely packages.  Though I have begged off the most recent slew of requests to review products and websites, when I got a note to review Katherine Center’s next book, pre-publication, I jumped on it.  I reviewed her first book on this website last spring and absolutely loved it.  When her newest work arrived in the mail, I let it sit unopened on my dining room table for well over a week for the simple reason that I knew that once I picked it up, I would want to read it all the way through without stopping.  Last night I braved a peek inside the cover and BOOM.  Here I sit 24 hours later a richer woman.

The great review she did for Bright Side said reading it was like “getting a phone call from your best friend,” which I thought was lovely–and very high praise.  She describes Everyone Is Beautiful in this very sweet way:

The book is all about a mother drowning in motherhood and her decision to do something to get (at least a piece of) her old self back.  Ah.  Sing to me, fair authoress.

Three cheers for even READING a book with a toddler and a new baby in the house.  Very impressive!


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