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written on the body

I’m not sure how I came up with the idea to do this.  But a few weeks back, I decided that I wanted to paint words all over the body of my friend Jenny and have our friend Karen photograph it.  So I asked them.  And to my serious delight they both said yes.


Here’s something I love to do:  put words in places you don’t expect them.

In college, I stamped poems onto signs made out of sheet metal and  put them up around campus.  I stamped words on office supplies, and bedsheets, and the pages of old books.

I loved the idea of words showing up where they didn’t belong.  The surprise of it.


Now I am a grown-up, and writer, and I spend most of my creative life typing.  

But every now and then, I get to step away from my laptop.  And two days ago, I ventured out into my  mother’s back garden with two of my favorite people.  And I could not believe how relaxed we all were.  How game Jenny was to be painted like a tattooed lady, and how calm she was.  And how perfectly Karen captured not just the look of things, but the tenderness of it all.

And then our friend Laura showed up, too, and we hung out at my mom’s kitchen table.  We ate do-nuts and joked around a lot, but there was definitely something magical going on there that day.


And then, using Karen’s photos, I made this video–to try to bring the words off the page a little.  To bring them to life in a new way.  And boy, did they come to life.

ALSO: This happens to be the garden where I got married. 

And ALSO:  Karen took exactly 500 photos that day.

And ALSO: Jenny read to us from the memoir she’s writing when we went back inside, and my face hurt from laughing the rest of the day.


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want to see my ranch?

Blogger, photographer, digital storyteller, and all-around superhero Karen Walrond came out to my family’s ranch (we are Texans, after all) this weekend and took some photos of the place with a twin-lens reflex camera. 


I am a big fan of old cameras (the main character in Everyone Is Beautiful uses one), and these photos are really haunting and beautiful. The tree above is one that we thought was dead, and so we planted a hearty antique rose bush at the base that could grow all over it.  But then we found out it was only half-dead.  In the summer, half of it is bushy and green, and the other half is gnarled branches–plus a few roses.  It’s the coolest tree around.  


The photo above is of a 100-year-old farmhouse with thick concrete walls made of sand from the Brazos river and a rusty tin roof.  This is a real texas place, y’all.  Someday remind me to tell you about the crazy neighbor who used to sit out on his front porch naked except for a holster with loaded pistols.


Karen has posted all the photos she took at her gorgeous blog, chookooloonks, if you want to see the whole show.  (And you definitely do!)


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interview on CHOOKOOLOONKS

Karen Walrond is running an interview with me today on her fabulous, gorgeous, thoughtful blog, Chookooloonks.  I could explain how we met, and became buddies, and happened to be working on eerily similar projects about women and beauty, but she does it so perfectly, I won’t even try.  


The beautiful Karen Walrond. A self-portrait.

The beautiful Karen Walrond. A self-portrait.




She’s also running a giveaway for an advance copy of my new book, Everyone Is Beautiful!

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