I am always trying to think of ways to bring writing to life online.  Here are a bunch of videos that try different approaches.


The Mom 2.0: Defining A Movement Video.  I made this one at the request of my pal Laura Mayes.  And after a good, long, 3-hour breakfast where we discussed all the ways in which online life is changing things for our generation of mothers, I had to figure out how to fit all that brilliance into 2 minutes.  I circled around the idea for days, and finally hit on the idea of writing a letter to my daughter about motherhood.  Except that as much as it was a letter to her, it turned out to be just as much a letter to myself.  And that’s how I hear it every time I watch: what I would say, and also what I need to hear.  This one is straight from the heart.


A video I made about why I want girls to speak up and join the cultural conversation–that’s me reading excerpts from the introduction I wrote for the Kirtsy book (Kirtsy Takes A Bow: A Celebration of Women’s Favorites Online).  I offered to make a trailer for the book because I felt like my essay captured something so true–and I wanted to say it out loud in a new way.  All the images in the video are from the book!


Something true I realized about my sister (both of my sisters, actually) when I was looking through some old home movies:


These two are from an essay I wrote about my mother called “Things to Remember Not to Forget,” which was published in the collection “Because I Love Her: 34 Women Writers on the Mother-Daughter Bond.”  The Dallas Museum of Art also selected it for their Texas Bound reading series and performed it in March of 2009.  The amazing photos in these two videos are from an amazing site of American “vernacular photography” called Square America.


These next two are trailers for my novel Everyone Is Beautiful that use excerpts from the book.  These were the first videos I ever did, and I didn’t even do them.  Mary Swenson took the photos and laid out the text, and Laurie Smithwick of Leap Design (and Kirtsy!) made the slideshows.


Here’s a video I did called “100 Things I’m Grateful For.”  It’s just me and my kids (and my cute sister), trapped in the house on a blazing-hot Houston summer day with a Flip video camera.  I go back and watch this one over and over.  I love the little details–the lizard, the spinning globe, my children’s sweet voices.  It really captures something about my life.


Here’s an essay of mine called “The Lives We Hoped For ” that I read and recorded and then set to Karen Walrond’s gorgeous photos.


Here’s another video I made using Karen Walrond‘s luscious photos.  Karen and I spent a morning with our absolutely brilliant friend Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) while Jenny let me paint the entire final paragraph of Everyone Is Beautiful all over her body.  It was absolutely dreamy.


Here’s a video I did of me revising a story.  I was trying to capture the sound of it–the quietness of it, and also the energy.  I filmed my hand as I wrote all over the manuscript, and the revised text scrolls across the screen…


Writing Wednesday

I did some videos last summer called Writing Wednesday.  They were super-fun, but they were much easier to make when my teacher husband was home for the summer and was taking our kids swimming all the time.  Now he’s back at work, and I really have to triage my free time–and Writing Wednesday does not often make the cut.   Sure was fun, though.  Maybe next summer.

Here are just a couple.  There are others on the blog, though.  And on YouTube:


Here’s one from the first time I ever used my Flip camera.  I’d done a reading that night, outside in a windstorm, and I was a little hoarse.  I think I was just home from a book-tour jaunt, as well–hence the suitcases.  A very early attempt to do something with video.


Check back for more!  I’ll keep adding to this page!

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  1. Betsy Lynn

    I discovered you from here:
    Your videos are wonderful, parts of them brought up old memories and tears to my eyes.
    Thank you.

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